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Open a “Window” to the next breed of agitation muzzles. Capewell K9 has streamlined the ergonomics of our muzzle to make it as light & breathable as possible, integrating reinforced mesh sides, an open nose vent and a deep tongue drop. Security & speed are the name of the game with this muzzle, which features a click-lock, quick-release buckle with a thumb cover to prevent accidental release. Made in the USA.

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• Open nose & side vents to allow maximum breathability
• low-profile ergonomics with reinforced steel agitation bar
• Padded bump guards at top and nose of muzzle
• Ability to change the depth of the basket back & forth
• Quick Release lock with thumb cover for easy on & off application without accidental release
• Genuine leather muzzle with Biothane neck strap
• Made in the USA

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  1. Zach (verified owner)

    Our K-9 unit has been in search of a better muzzle. We needed a muzzle obviously for muzzle fights but we also needed something versatile for area searches, and building searches. The standard ram muzzle wasn’t cutting it. This muzzle has a nose cut out where it makes searches easy. The dog can still alert as normal, search as normal and engage the decoy with no issue almost as if he was never wearing one. We have a few dogs that paw at the ram muzzle violently in hopes of taking it off, switching to this muzzle has alleviated that with the hot air flowing out through the vents and the dog able to pant. An added bonus with this muzzle is the bite bar (folded padded leather) inside of the muzzle where the dogs actually bite into it during the muzzle fight. I would recommend this product. Made with quality and built to last from what I have seen.

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