We have acquired the knowledge and experience through years of personal drive, governmental training, and relationships with industry experts to provide direct support to clients ranging from our nations diplomats and dignitaries to home companionship. This combination has been developed to offer our clients a full spectrum of information, instruction, and other canine services.

Canine Procurement

Bill, VP Operations - Houston, TX

Government agencies have high standards for canine candidates and Tundra K9 has only procured the best working dogs for the agencies we serve. We utilized Tundra K9's procurement services for 3 purebred German Shepherds with remedial training package. We foresee using Tundra K9 for years to come.

Sustainment Training

Mike, CEO - Anchorage, AK

I contacted Tundra K9 for their cutting edge scent detection courses. The agency I work for needed both handler and dog training packages. They created a program that met our strategic training and budget needs. The trainers at Tundra K9 increased the effectiveness of our K9 unit.
Sustainment Training

Event Security

Kathy, COO - Vancouver, BC

When you host stadium sized events, with massive numbers of people and distinguished guests, you need to be sure the facility is secure. Tundra K9 was able to provide deterrence and canine scent security at the gates of our facility. They kept people moving and maintained elite level security to our facility, event and guests.
Event Security